Youth Retreats


Do you need a youth retreat planned and run or just a guest speaker?  Look no further!  With 15 years of youth experience Maren brings to the table some very creative ideas for a dynamic retreat.


A gifted speaker who naturally connects with teens, Maren inspires, motivates and helps teens to overcome obstacles and get excited about serving our very big God.  Having experienced a difficult life, abuse, family tragedies, family failures and a non-Christian upbringing she can connect to kids on many levels, speak from truth and triumph in a way that shows teens they too can overcome and live a victorious life in Christ.


Maren has a heart for seeing struggling teens transformed by God’s grace and power while learning that serving God can be quite an adventure and a whole lot of fun!


Not afraid of backwoods rustic, the dead of winter, small groups or loads of teens Maren will work with you to design just what your group needs.  If you are a lay leader or a single church Pastor who needs some one to take the reigns let us design a retreat for you. 


Perhaps you have a youth team but have never designed or led a retreat before, we at 4 HIS ministry specialize in training leaders and equipping teams for ministry and special events.  If you would like us to work with your team and equip them with tools to get the job done we would love to help out and if needed, we can provide the guest speaking as well.


If you are looking for a guest speaker to come in and do the services and talk times for the retreat you are planning we would love to hear from you and will design topics that work with your needs and theme.


Please contact us to discuss options and rates.  It is our heart to ensure that all youth groups may experience growth through retreats, please know we will work with whatever budget you have and do our best to accommodate each group!


God Speed!