Women's Retreats

Maren Brandsma is a gifted motivational speaker with a passion for seeing God's children living in the fullness of a Christ centered life. Her message is life changing. As a guest speaker the general topics that she speaks on are “Living By Faith”, “God’s Plans ~ Your Dreams”, “Body Building”, “The Victory Dance ~ This is how we overcome!” and “Mountain Climbing ~The Brandsma Family Journey". 


“Strive for an absolute faith in an Absolute God,” she stated. “A God who heals and restores,” she spoke.  “Follow the dream God gives you,” she declared. “Step Forward for God’s Kingdom,” she motivated and “Climb the mountain set before you”… These are the passions of Pastor Maren Brandsma. Her life some would say is amazing, her past hard but victorious. Having come from a broken home and being a survivor of abuse, Maren’s triumphant life story is a personal testimony to the forgiving and healing power of a personal relationship with Christ. The message is clear… and her voice breaks the silence of life bringing truth to each ones heart. Maren has used her own experience to help other women and teenagers overcome adversity and move from victim to victor.  Maren also has a passion for showing troubled teens and women who they are in God’s eyes, who they were created to be and who they can still become.


Whether you need a retreat leader and speaker, just a speaker, or the entire retreat designed, if you are planning a one day retreat, a weekend retreat or a ladies week away Maren’s passion to see women experience freedom and healing in Christ will bless your ladies as she leads them into discovering that our God is an extraordinary God who has plans we can not fathom, who transforms lives by the power of the Holy Spirit and wants us to reach mountain tops.


Her years of ministry experience have built a treasury to draw on from great stories to wisdom, success to failures, fun and creative activities to heart searching times alone with God.  Maren will put together a full package or work with a plan you have.  Lead by and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit you will be met by God as Maren simply facilitates what He has in store for your ladies and then moves over to let Him move in a mighty way!


We have a one day “Ladies Day Out” retreat package that makes things really easy and cost effective that you could look at. Please contact us for any type of retreat and with any ideas you may have.  We do cater to those with a limited budget and will work with all churches to make their retreat dreams possible.  All women deserve a time of refreshing and rest so it is the goal of 4 HIS Ministry to see no need denied whenever possible.