We value the commandment to reach the lost…
Matthew 28:18-20 

We value the calling of leaders to equip the body of Christ…

Ephesians 4:11-12  

We value the restorative and healing work of the Holy Spirit through the body of Christ extended to the world...
Isaiah 58

We value God’s healing
Psalm 147:3



We hold to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada  Statement of Fundamental Truths


We Value:
-Excellence in every area as we do everything unto Christ. 
-Obedience to God’s leading and calling
-The Sabbath rest
-Prayer and worship, as integral lines of communication with God, and for its transformational power
-Pastors and their calling to shepherd the flock
-The vision God has for each body of Christ in their communities and in the context of becoming an Acts 2 church which reaches the lost.
-Healing of the body of Christ so that it reaches its fullest redemptive potential.
-Community:  Relationship Building to build and bind together the community of Christ and as a tool to reach the lost.
-Servanthood both within the body of Christ and in the world which is a God ordained tool in reaching out to those in need.
-Teaching and Transforming within the body of Christ to build it, raise leaders and reach the lost.
-The creative giftings God has given to everyone to develop programs, solutions, and innovative ideas that are culturally relevant.
-The youth of today, their giftings and their potential in Christ.
-Love lived and grace extended
-The family unit
-The international language of worship through music
-The provision of God’s hand through natural resources, partnerships, gifts, grants work and people.



Going beyond reasonable limits, believing for the extraordinary!