Support Team

Behind every great ministry is… An incredible support network of praying mothers, siblings, pastors, church family, a fabulous executive committee and dear friends lifting them up in love.

The Nolan’s have been supporting and helping to fine tune this dream alongside the Brandsma’s from the very beginning. They too have a passion for people and churches in need. Currently they work behind the scenes, but are indispensable in their roles, guidance and friendship. The Nolan's are leaders of Financial Peace University and have been a great asset to the body of Christ in this capacity.

The Hockley's were touched by the Brandsma's ministry at LifeQuest Community Church and have stepped into several leadership roles since that time.  They have developed a drama ministry which they use to teach churches to do outreach drama events.  They blessed us greatly by bringing their ministry to Dresden where we were serving and doing an incredible Easter outreach event in 2010.  They continue to be a great support and encouragement to us as well as a resource to draw on of great value.

We have several friends that have been a great network to us that have helped us in the churches we work with doing fundraising events and music ministry including Casey Beauchamp who interned with us for several months,
Levi denBok and his band who did a fundraising concert for Evangel to raise money for instruments and Damian Spaulding who donated two weekend music workshops to our youth band and hosts our website through Core Management Solutions.  Incredible people with incredible minsitries who have donated their time and resources to helping these churches grow. Clara Browning is our new Fundraiser who uses her skills in writing and creativity to help us build our resources and fund the ministry.  She is a great encourager and comes to us with a Bible College degree and many years of minsitry experience, we are very blessed to have her sacrificially give of her time and energy.

There are so many more that we could name - our friends at head office who give us advice and allow us to bounce ideas off of them, our friends who network for us and spread the word, the pastors, churches and individuals who support us and the hundreds of lives that have been touched along the way who continue to love and pray for us.



1 Cor. 12:27 " Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it."