Revitalizing Plan

Our basic steps for assisting a church over all involve :

1- Working with the Pastor:

A) Doing assessments of the church to ensure that it is a good fit with our ministry team. We collect information from the Pastor about the current condition and history of the church.  As well as information on current minsitries, successes and strugles.
B) Spending time with the Pastor getting to know him/her, supporting, sharing their vision and goals for the church. Pouring into the pastor through prayer, fellowship and discussion.
C)Providing relief, an opportunity for the pastor to take a break.
D) Developing a specific plan and goals that our minsitry can assist with.
E) Introducing the tools we find successful and working through some of them with just the pastor and possibly their spouse and board.  Such as Cleansing Stream Ministry (which is integral to the success we have had in rebuilding churches.                           

2-Vision Development:

A) Looking at the previous values, mission and vision for the church we will work through and revamping needed.
B)  Dreaming about what that vision would look like if accomplished in areas of church.
C) Develop a plan to cast vision in the church and make it an integral part of motivating
and raising up the body.

3-Church Relations:

A) Plan weekends to attend the church, build relationships and develop trust. 
B) Speaking on occasional Sunday mornings with strategic topics.

4-Work the Plan:

A) Initiate New ministries that will help the church to grow.
B) Work with current leaders and people who are interested in different minsitries, through workshops which involve ministry development and leadership training.
C) Be available to mentor and assist as the plans are implemented.

5-Follow Up:

A) We are available for follow up work, tweeking, mentoring and encouragement for every church we have worked with.
B)  Provide continued assistance in new minsitry development and through workshops.

Assessments and Forms

How We Can Help

Revitalizing Plan