How we can help

4 HIS Ministry can work with each church in one of 2 ways.  Churches that would like help across the board in restoring and revitalizing all areas, raising up leaders, healing etc...would be worked with to develope a plan which would involve us coming in many times over the first year to give rest to the Pastor, develop vision, introduce healing, motivate, develop ministries and train leaders.    Churches which specifically need assistance in one area or only a few will work with us for a much shorter time as we develop a plan to target those areas specifically.

Church Restoration/Revitalizing Plan(1-4 years)
When a church would like help in all areas we develop a plan with the Pastor which targets specific areas in an order that allows the growth process to gain momentum.  On the Revitalizing Plan page you can see a general outline of the process, which gets customized for each church.

Individual Areas we Specialize in:

(Our focus is on churches using lay leaders, we both design programs and train the leaders)

Cleansing Streams Ministry
Growing Vision
Youth Ministry
Children's Ministry
Leadership Training
Outreach Events
Small Group Ministry
Motivational or Topic Specific Guest Speaking

Assessments and Forms

How We Can Help

Revitalizing Plan

Building the Body saves the lost.