How We Work

4 HIS Ministry is a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency.  As a non-profit organization all funding that comes into the ministry whether by donation, grants or earned income through services the ministry provides goes back into the ministry. 

The goal is to help build the Kingdom of God and operating on the Acts 2 principal we firmly believe in using all assets to further the Kingdom.  Once ministry expenses are covered further funding goes directly into assisting churches which lack resources and have needs.  It is used to purchase materials such as bible studies, Sunday school curriculum and leadership training.  Funds are used for equipment and church repairs and a large amount is utilized for community outreach in meeting needs, spreading God's message of love and hope and doing events that will help the church to develop relationship with the community it serves in.

Those who work for 4 HIS Ministry work as missionaries do, counting on the support of individuals, sponsoring churches and grants to provide income so that they may work full time in ministry for churches who can not afford the much needed help.  This is classified as Canadian Missions.  North America has become a very spiritually needy and a starving continent.  We count on the support of the Body of Christ to assist us in revitalizing the Church and healing the Body of Christ.

The support workers of 4 HIS Ministry such as our Treasurer, Board of Directors and Fundraiser are all volunteer positions.  These people give of their time selflessly and often their own resources as they believe in and care for the work this ministry does.

How We Work

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How We Work

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