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Retreat Center Project Proposal

Changes to Restoration Ministry...


Through 3 church restoration projects God has taught us much!  Our eyes have been opened to the significance of pastoral driven vision.  Change comes from the inside out, not the outside in.  In the past we have gone to one church at a time, dedicating approximately 2 years there to starting ministries, raising up leaders, healing and training.  While this has been quite successful we have seen where the potential is far greater when the Pastor drives the change through vision and the leaders are raised up before the ministries.


We have now developed a plan that enables us to work with more than one church at a time affecting a greater change that is longer lasting!  We are very excited about the potential for God to do mighty works in these churches and their communities!


Of course growth brings challenges, working with up to 4 churches in a year means that expenses increase and our fundraising efforts must increase also.  We need more materials, more equipment and finances for travel, people to help and teams to grow this ministry.  As we grow we also need facilities for training, retreats and restoration...


The Bigger Picture:The Retreat Center Vision


Restore, Revitalize, Refresh, Raise Up…as you enter the Lane way of the retreat center and see these words the Holy Spirit stirs hope with in you.  The weary Pastor reaches for his wife’s hand as he notices her tears.  Winding their way down the drive they notice a tree to their left surrounded by a beautiful garden, the tree appears to have notes hanging from its branches.  Below the tree a hand painted sign reads “Trouble Tree – Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7”


Reaching the main lodge your anticipation builds. Log cabins are nestled in the trees, smoke rising from the chimney of the main lodge, wildflower gardens scattered along the stream, children playing off in a field. You see signs directing you to the Animal Care area you read about in the brochure, coupling teens with rescued animals in a program developed to bring healing to both.  As you pull off to the parking area you see a path leading to a clearing with a large wooden cross, a couple seated on a rock with heads bowed and hands clasped brings tears to your own eyes.  In the distance you can make out the paths that spread through the trees as you imagine long walks, wildlife and quiet moments in the wilderness with you and your Lord.


Suddenly you can’t wait to begin!  Having chosen the Pastoral Care group option you can’t wait to see what God has planned for this week of refreshing.  Worshiping in nature, small group sessions with other pastors who feel as tired and sometimes as defeated as you, private life coaching - just what you need to help you refocus on God’s plan for the future, a little fun, reconnecting in the beauty of God’s country with your wife and plenty of time alone with God.

4 HIS Ministry has found the ideal property in Red Bay!  Praise God!  God has a vision and a plan!


The property is perfect to facilitate restful retreats for weary Pastors and leaders.  Retreats and workshops for ministry planning and leadership training as well as women’s, men’s and youth retreats which facilitate growth and healing.  All in keeping with the vision and goals of this ministry to bring healing to the Body of Christ enabling it to reach its full redemptive potential.

50 acres of wooded land and trails, a variety of outdoor and indoor recreation facilities, large meeting facility and a beautiful rustic dining room are already apart of this property which lies across the road from Lake Huron. While it does require some updating it already boasts 15 cabins and 7 hotel rooms.  The cabins provide some income to support the ministry and caring for pastors and churches.


God has also given us a heart for teens who are struggling.  In particular teens who know or have known Christ but are struggling in their walk with God and/or are perhaps living in difficult situations.  We have worked with many of these teens over the years and will be putting our experience into practice as we include extra housing for teens on the ranch.  We will be putting in place a program that utilizes caring for rescued animals, counseling, education, ministry training and opportunities to assist these young people in becoming all that God plans for them to be!  These young people are the church’s future as they are discipled and learn to disciple others.  What a huge investment, helping kids to turn their lives around and learn to reach a dying world!


We Need YOU! We need your support in many ways - of course finances are key as we need to raise $600,000.00 to purchase the property.  We also need work teams to assist in updating and repairing the property.  Most importantly we need believers to pray with us.  We know we have a big God who loves to do big things that start with minimal resources.  Pray and believe with us. 

If you would like to get involved with fundraising efforts we would be very grateful.  Holding fundraisers, assisting with contacts, hosting us at your church to speak are very helpful options.