Ministry Goals:

Isaiah 58:12 fulfilled…Raise up, Rebuild, Repair, Restore…


Equipping Pastors...

Joining in relationship with Pastors to:

Refresh, facilitate healing- through planned rests, time with God, tools and retreats

Rejeuvinate - through coaching, relationship and prayer

Create vision – through meetings, tools and retreats, detailed plans

Give tools and resources – through supplies, team facilitators and training lay leaders


…to equip people,

with and through the Pastor by

Raising up – disciples, leaders and ministries

Rebuilding – the foundation and vision of the church

Repairing – improve existing or implementing new ministries

Restoring – the health of the congregation


…to reach beyond themselves...

Hands extended – through love, service and discipleship

Building relationships – both in the church and the community

Reaching the lost – through daily lives and intentional ministries

Reaching the hurting – by loving, praying with and providing safe environments for God to heal and restore


…restoring, healing, transforming to…

Realize their potential in Christ – to bear fruit

Become Holy Spirit lead – walking in God’s will, gaining a firm foundation

Be Passionate of the great commission - the purpose of one’s life

Be Healthy – spiritually, emotionally and physically



Equipping Pastors to Equip people to reach beyond themselves, restoring, healing, transforming.