We are available to come and speak either about our ministry or on topics we specialize in for regular services, events or retreats.  All topics are listed below.  We would love to come and serve you Pastor by allowing you to rest for a Sunday!  We hope to hear from you soon!

Ministry Presentations

1-The Brandsma's would love to come and share with your church the vision God has given them for Church Restoration Ministry.  Sharing from their hearts the need for the Body of Christ to rise up, to help eachother and to reach the lost.  Sharing in the victories and heart aches of their journey your congregation will gain a deeper sense of the destruction Satan has wrought in the church and a clearer picture of how God intended His Body to function.  Enhanced by power point, you will both laugh and cry as you hear the ministries story of sacrifice, vision and victory.

2-Vision casting - it's a new day as 4 HIS Ministry works towards building a Ranch/ministry/retreat center that caters to refreshing, revitalizing, raising up and restoring the Body of Christ.  Working specifically with struggling churches, meeting their needs, giving rest to the Pastors and providing retreats and workshops for their minsitry teams.  The 4 R's Ranch will have a special component that ministers to hurting youth!  We are striving to build a home that will house 8 youth on the ranch that will work with animals that are being rehabilitated as a part of their own growth plan.  We would love to share with your church the inredible plan God has laid on our hearts and others who are coming along side us.  Having already been donated land we look forward to seeing God's incredible plan unfold in helping both the youth and the church reach their potential and fulfill God's plans.

Guest Speaking Topics

Maren Brandsma is a gifted motivational speaker with a passion for seeing God's children living in the fullness of a Christ centered life.

Topics Include:

-“Living By Faith” After living by faith for 5 years, not know where housing, food or work would come from, moving 7 times as God provided, Maren delivers a compelling talk about the excitement of living in God's will and relying completely on the Master

-“God’s Plans ~ Your Dreams” Focusing on finding God's plans for your life, how God puts dreams in our hearts that connect with His calling on our lives. Never too big, never too small God opens our eyes to these dreams one step at a time.

-“Body Building” The heart of 4 HIS Ministry is building the body of Christ.  With a passion Maren encourages the body to become active, to step out of comfort zones, to get excited about God's call and become a body of Action.

-“Mountain Climbing ~The Brandsma Family Journey" The story of how any ordinary can become extraordinary.  Settled into a happy life, in a happy neighborhood, with a pleasant job, content to live life out and retire right where you are?  The story of how God rocked the Brandsma's happy world and challenged them to climb mountains, conquer fears, jump off cliffs and become who God created them to be.  If you want to challenge your congregation to stop settling and being comfy in the same pew each week this story just might give them the courage to leave comfortable and aim high.

-“The Victory Dance ~ This is how we overcome!” Maren's personal story of overcoming a life of severe abuse, tragedy and heartache.  A life changing story that encourages everyone who has been hurt, suffered loss or even been an abuser to become victorious in Christ.  Living a life of forgiveness and love for her abusers Maren's joy and passion will offer hope to everyone who hears her.

Special Events

We offer speaking for:

-One day retreats for women, youth or married couples.
-Ministry breakfasts or luncheons.
-Motivational speaking for leadership, churches on the brink of new challenges/changes
-Mothers Day

Retreat Speaking

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