Become a Partnering Church

4 HIS Ministry is seeking the support of church bodies as Canadian Missions. 

Our ministry assists and builds Canadian churches enabling them to reach several groups within the community which fall under the definition of Canadian or Home Missions.
Canada is a spiritually hurting country.  We have lost many rights as Christians, our schools are suffering, our teens are lost, College campuses are a breeding ground for drugs, alchol and date rapes.  Our rural communities are struggling with poverty and alcholism and Canada's divorce rates have never been higher. 

It is time we help each other reach the lost and fight this battle.

Becoming a sponsoring church enables us to assist more hurting churches, train more leaders, develop more minsitries and therefore reach more communities.

God has been faithful in turning around churches, changing lives and reaching the lost through 4 HIS Ministry.  We are so thankful for the provision He has blessed us with and the chruches who sponsor us.  God is now showing us how to expand, how to reach more churches and communities as well as providing us with the opportunity for the Ranch facility.  This means we need more churches to sponsor these home missions endeavours.

If your church would be interested in helping in any way, with resources such as materials, equipment or manpower, church sponsorship, personal sponsorship or speaking opportunities-we would love to hear from you!

We are very excited about what God is doing and would love to meet with you, your board and or your congregation!  We have both ministry presentations available and speaking topics that are sure to make a longlasting impression on the heart of your church.  Look at our
  page and 
  for further information.

To book a meeting with us please email or call (519)935-3731.  For online sponsorship please visit the
page.  Please contact us for an information package, references and sponsorship forms. If your church would like to sign up for our newsletters or prayer concerns please email us with the request and we will add you to the appropriate mailing list.  We look forward to partnering with you in further Kingdom Building!

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