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The Ministry Action Plan...
is a clean, simple format that can be used to think through and plan out the development of ministry areas in the church such as youth, women’s ministry or small groups.  It is a great tool for Pastors to give to lay leaders in the church who are planning to start a new ministry.

The Ministry Vision Mission and Goals... 
can be used in two ways.  As you know from my previous post, the Bait and hook. We believe vision is a great tool.  Use this form with your leadership team to develop a concrete vision with goals for the church.  From this statement every area of ministry in the church should flow and every ministry should directly assist in reaching the goals. Then the tool can be used for each ministry after they have developed the Action Plan to create specialized statements for vision, mission, goals and values within the ministry itself.  This helps each ministry to set achievable goals and have a focus that they come back to at each planning meeting.

New resources will be added regularly so check back often or follow our blog at www.4hisministryblog.wordpress.com for updates.

In the future we hope to add Retreat Planning Guides, devotionals and CD's.

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