Church Revitalization

A True story...

“We passed many people on the streets of this little town as we made our way to the church.  Most were standing against walls or sitting on benches looking resigned and hopeless.  Saying a prayer as we passed, we made our way to the church. That bright sunny Sunday morning we walked into the church, full of hope, excited to worship with other believers.  Our eyes open to the potential of finding a place where we could plug in and be of service to our community. It was 20 minutes past 10 when we entered the bright foyer, we looked around but did not see anyone.  Moving in a little further we looked towards the sanctuary to find the greeters but none were to be seen.  Hearing sounds from inside we ventured in to find a large sanctuary full of empty pews.  Our hearts sank as we wondered where all the people were.  Perhaps it was still early and more would come but our hopes were dashed as there was only a slow trickle that brought the numbers including children into the thirties.  As the music began we looked at the bulletin we had picked up from a table and wondered why there were no programs listed.  Perhaps they were posted somewhere else.  There was only one musician, a pianist with a microphone that we joined in song with.  Where was the worship team?  A tired looking Pastor preached that morning a sermon of hope that carried an undertone of resolution rather than a feeling of inspiration.  What had happened here?”


The reality in rural and transitioning churches today is that the workers are few. Usually one Pastor serves all the needs of the church, 24 hours in the day not being enough to even meet the needs of his people let alone move them forward and prepare them for ministry.

Rural churches are in slow growing communities, which means limited growth in church membership, few new faces and limited financial resources for hiring assistance or training lay leaders.

Transitioning church families are often tainted with disappointment and hurt as all of us are, living in and being influenced by such a hurting and sinful world. The hours are long, the labour done in love, is exhausting and help and rest are concepts the Pastor longs for.

4 H.I.S. Ministry is here to help.  We come alongside churches and Pastors who would like to revitalize the church by developing programs, encourage healing, raising up and training leaders, developing and breathing in vision, refreshing the Pastor and sharing the burden!

Knowing that these churches lack financial and physical resources we work to raise funds as Canadian missionaries so that we may assist churches in reaching their potential.  This enables us to work with each church within their budget.

Imagine if all of God's churches were functioning to their full potential!  We were not meant to do this all alone, we need to help eachother in building and edifying the body so that it can reach the lost.


Edifying the Body of Christ